Five Books That I Can’t Get Enough Of


I’m a reader, always have been and always will be. I have a NOOK, a Kindle, and a bookshelf; all of which are packed fool and in the case of my bookshelf, spilling over. Today I am going to share five books that have helped me greatly (other than the Bible because that is a given); five books that I cannot get enough of.

1. Jesus Calling by Sarah Young

 Jesus Calling is a one year devotional written in the format of a letter written by God directly to you.

I’ve always struggled with studying the Bible consistently everyday. I think we can all agree that the Bible is a big book chocked full with tons of information- which to me is quite intimidating. Every time I sit down to read my Bible I am overwhelmed and have no clue on where to start. This devotional gives me a starting place for my daily studies. Once I have read the daily devotion, I use the accompanying scriptures as a starting point for my studies.

2. Fervent by Priscilla Shirer

Fervent is a book written to help women identify how Satan is attacking their life and then teach them how to use prayer to fight back. It covers topics such as passion, purpose, relationships, the past, etc.

*Warning* reading this book will change your life!

Like most women, I have failed to see how much of a threat Satan truly is. I allowed him to lie to me, manipulate me, drag me through the mud and all without putting up much of a fight; mostly because I didn’t know how to fight. This book has taught me how to pray -and I mean really pray- strategically and with a purpose. I no longer feel weak and helpless when Satan starts meddling in my life; now I’m the warrior God always intended me to be.

3. Crazy Love by Francis Chan

Crazy Love is all about understanding God’s crazy, radical love for you and how you can return it. Christianity isn’t about doing what’s right and being perfect, it’s about having a passionate relationship with God.

This book captivated me from the moment I opened it. I literally couldn’t put it down; I sat on my bed for four hours straight and didn’t get up until the book was finished. Something about this book just called to me.

For a lot of my Christian life I focused on doing the right things and trying not to sin rather than focusing on my relationship with God. This book opened my eyes to what God truly desires from me. Does He want me to strive to do my best? Yes. But what he truly wants is a deep, meaningful relationship with me.

4. Undaunted by Christine Caine

Undaunted is aimed to help Christians overcome their fear and the obstacles that life has thrown their way and pursue God’s will.

Christine Caine is an amazing woman of God. I consider her to be a role model or a mentor for my walk with God. Seeing her passion and zeal for following God is inspiring to me.

I’m a quiet person and often keep to myself; always afraid to put myself out in the open. For a long time Satan had me convinced that God could never use me- I was too quiet, too damaged, too backward. This book opened my eyes to how God can and will use me.

5. Left Behind Series by Tim Lahaye and Jerry Jenkins

The Left Behind Series is a fictional series based on the book of Revelation and what will happen after Christ returns for His followers.

I know I am cheating by including a series and not just a single book but this series is amazing and I cannot tell you how many times I have read it! If you are struggling to understand the book of Revelation and the rapture then you need to read this series. Even though the characters and their lives are fictional, the events that take place are Biblically sound and make so much easier to understand what is going to happen once Christ returns for his church. These books have everything needed to be entertaining: romance, action, protagonists, antagonists, etc. and best of all, it is Biblical!

What are some of your favorite books?



9 thoughts on “Five Books That I Can’t Get Enough Of

  1. adorkablejoy says:

    I’ve been thinking of reading “Crazy Love” by Francis Chan, but haven’t quite gotten around to it! I know my husband started reading some of it a few years back, so maybe I’ll ask him if he ever purchased it and if I can borrow it!

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  2. Ailie says:

    I love reading. I read almost all of the Left Behind Books by Tim LaHaye. My favorite Christian authors include Ellen Gunderson Taylor, Jannette Oake, Francine Rivers, just to name a few. Thanks for putting this post together.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Kelly S says:

    I have restarted the Left Behind series so many times, I never get very far. A couple of these books keep popping up in my circles. I think it’s time to add them to my 2017 reading list. One of my favorites from this year is Falling Free by Shannan Martin. If you loved Crazy Love, I think you would really like Shannan’s spin on some of the same principles.

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    • Sierra Smith says:

      I know a lot of people who have struggled with the Left Behind series because of how big the books are and the number of books in the series. I’ve found that limiting myself to one chapter a day helps a lot when tackling large books; it makes it a little less overwhelming. And thank you for the book recommendation! I’ll have to look into that author!


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