Bible Journal Flip Through

In my Bible Journaling: Tips To Get You Started post I mentioned that I was thinking of doing a flip through video to show all of the entries in my journaling Bible. I had a couple people say they would enjoy such a video so… here it is!

*Disclaimer: I had to film this at my kitchen table because I had no space in my room. Also, I apologize for the video cutting off in the middle.*

Here is a link to the video: Bible Flip Through Video (Youtube)


5 thoughts on “Bible Journal Flip Through

  1. Inspire the Best You says:

    You stated you’re not an artist in the beginning of your video, but you did some very nice work in your Bible. I haven’t done anything with my Bible besides reading and marking some of my favorite and most meaningful scriptures, but I do love to journal for Bible reading purposes. Your video looks great. I admit I only watched a couple minutes of it because when I tried to comment, I got cut off and lost the video. I will try to watch it more later!

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