God’s Not Dead

You guys know the God’s Not Dead 2 movie where the teacher is prosecuted for talking about Jesus? Something similar is going on in my community.

My county has offered an optional Bible class to elementary and middle school students for 75 years, a class completely funded by outside sources (not the school board.) On January 18th, the Freedom From Religion Foundation filed a law suit against Mercer County Schools and want these classes removed.

I ask that you please stand with me and pray that my county decides to fight to keep these classes rather than give in to the FFRF’s demands. In a community overcome with drug addiction and alcohol abuse, the  Mercer County Bible in the School’s program is an amazing thing and needs to be preserved!

Please pray with me! I will update as things progress!

Here is a link to the article released by the FFRF: FFRF Sues Mercer County Schools


4 thoughts on “God’s Not Dead

  1. kathylcsw says:

    I believe that religion belongs in churches and education belongs in schools. I don’t care who pays for it. Schools are to teach fact based education . Our Constitution and forefathers were VERY clear on separation of church and state and tome this is a clear violation of that.


    • Sierra Smith says:

      Actually, the Constitution never mentions separation of church and state. That phrase originated from a letter Thomas Jefferson wrote to a Baptist congregation promising that the government would never interfere with how they worshipped. This does not violate the first amendment because it is an optional class, as in the parent and/or student gets to decide if they want to take it.


  2. Jessica says:

    I will definitely be praying for your community. God is not dead, he is surely alive today as much as ever. People can say that church and state should be separated much as they want, but we need to make sure we are letting people be aware of God, his love, and all that He has to offer.

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