God Doesn’t Need You

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*Just a warning: today I’m going to step on some toes.

I’m beginning to see a trend in modern Christianity that is very alarming. It seems that people are starting to lose sight of who God is. I’m seeing so many people, especially millennials (and yes, I am a millennial too), putting on the mindset that God somehow owes them something.

I try my best to keep up with other Christian blogs and vlogs and I cannot tell you the number of times I’ve read a blog or watched a video just this week and it was said that we shouldn’t worry about fitting in time to read the Bible and pray into our schedule because God knows what’s in our heart and He understands us. Yes, God does know our hearts and when we don’t make reading His Word and praying to Him a priority, He understands that He isn’t important to us.

And this ideology has created the notion that when we do pray and when we do read the Bible we’re doing God a favor. We go to church on Sunday morning, clap during praise and worship, nod our heads a couple times during the sermon, and then figure that should be enough to hold God over until next week. It’s like he’s our pet or something. You know how when your dog really wants attention so you play with him for a couple minutes so he’ll leave you alone? That is how we’ve started to treat God; like he’s a dog desperate for our attention.

But God does not need us. God loves us and He wants us but He does not need us! It’s time we lose this mentality that we are somehow doing God a favor (because there is nothing that we could ever do that would put Him in debt to us) and start recognizng Him as the holy and righteous God He is.

I don’t want you to think that I’m completely blasting people who do this. I used to do this. I never read my Bible or prayed. I just went to church on Sunday mornings and figured that was enough; but it was never enough because God doesn’t want just a moment of our life, he wants our whole life. God opened my eyes and over the last year and a half I’ve been making Him a priority in my life. Through the time I have spent studying the Bible and talking with God, I’ve began to learn who He is; holy, righteous, loving, merciful, powerful, wonderful, jealous, just, forgiving, faithful…

Most of all, I’ve learned that God does not need me; I desperately need Him.






4 thoughts on “God Doesn’t Need You

  1. Chioma says:

    I love this. Thank you for this really important reminder. It is so easy to get caught up in our lives and feel like we can give God whatever time is life. He wants to connect with us but really doesn’t need us. I totally need him

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