Bible Journaling Hacks for the Artistically Challenged


Just over a year ago, I accidentally stumbled upon the world of creative worship while mindlessly scrolling through Pinterest (don’t judge me). I was instantly captivated by the gorgeously scripted words, stunning paintings, and clever uses of various mediums to create worship. I immediately knew that I too wanted to do this Bible journaling thing, however, one thing held me back: there is not one artistic bone in my body. After some prodding from the Holy Spirit I ordered my very first journaling Bible and quickly realized that I am capable of worshiping God through art.

Before I get started with my tips ans tricks I want to stress that it is vitally important that you do not get caught up in the art. Yes, it is fun and exciting to create different things and try different techniques but the art should never come before the Word. The whole purpose of Bible journaling is to draw closer to God and learn more of the Word!

Hack #1: Lettering

I have horrible cursive handwriting; it seriously lacks any elegance whatsoever. I was disheartened when I saw how gorgeous other people’s lettering was in their Bibles.

Though practicing different lettering styles can help, if you are helpless when it comes to handwriting (like I am) just open a Microsoft Word document, type out the alphabet in your favorite fonts, print them out, and VIOLA! You can now trace whatever font you wish into your Bible!

Hack #2: Tip-Ins


This is a method I have used several times. A tip in (or sometimes referred to as a tip out) is when you do your journaling on a different piece of paper than your Bible and then attach to the page of your Bible (usually with washi tape). I LOVE doing this with coloring sheets I found online. I’ve even turned a coloring sheet into a bookmark (pictured to the left)!

Hack #3: Stamps

Stamps are awesome for Bible journaling because there is a HUGE variety available aBJH3nd they’re reusable! Tip: be careful with how much ink you use because it will bleed through your page! I always apply a think layer of gesso before I use stamps and gently dab my stamp onto scrap paper before applying it to my Bible page!

Hack #4: Tracing

BJH4If you are hopeless with drawing, there are a variety of apps available on your phone/tablet where you can browse the internet for an image and then upload it onto a back-lit screen for easy tracing (picture to the left was traced using an app on my Kindle HD 8).


Hack #5 Washi Tape

Washi tape is a decorative paper tape and trust me, it makes everything look more fun, elegant, and fancy! It can be expensive, but Michael’s often has their Recollections brand on sale in large tubes!

A couple more pages I’ve completed:



What are some of your Bible journaling hacks?




4 thoughts on “Bible Journaling Hacks for the Artistically Challenged

  1. Diana says:

    I have a board dedicated for bible journaling, and even went and got myself a journaling Bible. But…… I am artistically challenged and literally was going to give up on it until I read your post today.

    Thank you ,the Lord does want me to do creative worship no matter my deficiency.

    God bless
    Diana (

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Tiffany Parry says:

    I love the idea of bible journaling, but like you, I struggle with the creativity side. I’d likely end up tearing pages out of my bible because it didn’t look just so. Ha! But I do enjoy writing in my journaling bible and just recording what God is showing me. Thanks for the tips for us less artistically inclined!

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