Reading the Bible in a Year: 6 Month Update


study-2061At the very beginning of the year, or maybe even in December of 2016, I shared that I wanted to read the entire Bible in one year (Reading the Bible in One Year). I am now over halfway through and I thought I would share an update with you guys!

First, I am extremely happy to report that have read my Bible every single day and haven’t skipped a reading once! This was one of my biggest concerns going in because I have attempted Bible reading plans before but always quit after a week or two. What helped me a ton is the accountability I had through my Facebook Group dedicated to supporting those doing a Bible reading plan. The plan I am doing has you read a part of the Old Testament, New Testament, a Psalm, and a Proverb each day. The variety in what I am reading keeps me interested and engaged. Also, the Bible I am using is already divided up into my daily readings which not only saves me from flipping back and forth in my regular Bible but also encourages me because I can easily see my progress!

Even though I often struggle to make it through the Old Testament section of each day’s reading (I blame it on the names that  I absolutely cannot pronounce) I am beginning to appreciate it more than I had before. It’s so easy, as Christians, to focus on only the New Testament because it sometimes feels like that’s the only part of the Bible that really relevant to us. Friend, let me tell you that the beginning is intricately woven into the end!

One of the biggest benefits I’ve noticed about choosing this one year reading plan is that it has gotten me into the habit of studying God’s Word every single day! Before this year, my Bible studying was very inconsistent but now I honestly cannot imagine not reading my Bible every single day.

All in all, I can’t wait to start over in 2018!

How do you read your Bible?


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