Hi, everyone! My name is Sierra and I am the author of Girl Transformed Blog. I am an evangelical Christian (meaning I believe that salvation is required in order to become a Christian and go to heaven.) I believe in the trinity; I believe that God is creator of all, Jesus is the Son of God, and that the Holy Spirit is still active in the world today. I also believe that Satan is more than just a little, red guy with a pitchfork that sits on people’s shoulders and tells them to do bad stuff. I believe Satan is a liar, manipulator, and most of all he is dead set on destroying mine and your relationship with God. I am not here to debate my beliefs and any comments made to initiate an argument will be removed and the commentor will be blocked from this page.

Now that the house keeping is done…

For a lot of my Christian walk I have felt completely alone and for a while Satan had me convinced that there was something wrong with me; that I was messed up and no other 20-something had ever experienced what I was going through. It took me longer than I care to admit to realize that this was a lie of the enemy and that most women and girls were going through the exact same things I was and that most likely, they thought they were alone as well.

I feel led by God to create a space where the “real stuff” can be discussed. I want my fellow sisters in Christ to realize that they are not alone in what they are going through. On this blog I will discuss several areas of life such as relationships, friendships, work, school, church, family, etc. I will share some of my personal experiences and what God has taught me. My end goal is to show at least one sister that she is not the only one, that she is not alone.

I want you to know that I am here for you. If you have questions, prayer requests, a topic you would like me to discuss here, or just need someone to talk with, I’m here and I won’t judge. Anything you tell me will be solely between you, me, and God. Feel free to contact me anytime at this email: sierrasmarts@gmail.com.