The Foolishness of God: How I Was Called to the Mission Field

Has God every told you to do something that sounded completely and utterly foolish? I mean something that left your jaw dropped and a giant question mark floating over your head? This was my reaction when God first told me I was going on the World Race. Granted, I shouldn't have been too surprised because … Continue reading The Foolishness of God: How I Was Called to the Mission Field

My Summer 2017 Reading List

As an avid reader and a student I tend to get most of my pleasure reading done in the summer because that's when I have the most free time. Also, there's nothing like sitting out in the sunshine and reading an awesome book! Today I am going to share with your the top 5 books … Continue reading My Summer 2017 Reading List

Powerful and Effective Prayer

Prayer is one of the most powerful weapons a Christian has access to (some others being the Bible and the Holy Spirit). However, prayer is also one of the things many Christians find the most difficult to do. Many people feel they simply do not have time for prayer and some struggle to find the … Continue reading Powerful and Effective Prayer

God Doesn’t Need You

  *Just a warning: today I'm going to step on some toes. I'm beginning to see a trend in modern Christianity that is very alarming. It seems that people are starting to lose sight of who God is. I'm seeing so many people, especially millennials (and yes, I am a millennial too), putting on the … Continue reading God Doesn’t Need You

What Happens When You Read Your Bible Everyday?

How often do you read your Bible? Up until about a year ago, I only cracked my Bible open for the Sunday morning service at my church. There were some days when I would read a passage or two, but usually I just came up with reasons not to: I'm too tired, there isn't enough … Continue reading What Happens When You Read Your Bible Everyday?

Identity Crisis: Who Does the Bible Say I Am?

Identity, or one's sense of self, is one of Satan's favorite areas of life to target. He loves to twist your perception of yourself until you see yourself as so messed up that you believe nothing positive could ever come from your life; his goal is to distract you from who God has created you … Continue reading Identity Crisis: Who Does the Bible Say I Am?

Dealing With Difficult People

Let's be honest, we all have that one person in our life who can ruin our day by just breathing the wrong way. You know, that person who can make your blood start boiling with just one quick glance, the person that makes you want to do and say things that Jesus definitely would not … Continue reading Dealing With Difficult People